KATER185: Penrose Lullaby EP

Welcome to another Split EP. „Anamorphosis" by Darin Epsilon and Marc DePulse comes along with powerful and high synths which are building the framework of the dreamy song. With the fusion of natural drums in the background, smooth but demanding synths and light atmos are Marc DePulse and Darin Epsilon sending the audience on a mellow journey while listening to „Penrose".
The native sounds and instruments fellowed by vibrating subs in David Jackson's „Curiosa" tend to make the mind drift away. Nevertheless does the energetic melody continuously charge with drive and drags back into the presence. With „Lullaby" does David Jackson deliver a house track consisting of a pressuring kick and spacey cubic keys swinging by with a good mood, which forces the body to move. Enjoy!


Anamorphosis (Original Mix)
Darin Epsilon and Marc DePulse
Penrose (Original Mix)
Darin Epsilon and Marc DePulse
Lullaby (Original Mix)
David Jackson
Curiosa (Original Mix)
David Jackson